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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Smartt33, Aug 11, 2009.

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    Has anyone notice that lately the politicians in this country are becoming very bold in expressing their oen personal opinions (not for political gain) because of their personal views. That is awesome. Some are resigning theor offices because they totally disagree with Obama, or for other reasons which are not for political gain. Texas Citizens are talking seriously about leaving the Union. The words "civil war" are being mention more and more, and seriously. Killing the president is being considered as a serious threat, far more than in times past, by American citizens.

    While I may or may not agree with these, it is clear that people, from the top down, are on the move, and willing to take drastic measures to protect what they believe this nation stands for.

    I believe that is all because Obama is so Un-American, politically screwed up, against all that this nation stands for, and power hungry, that they are eager to see something happen to stop the agenda that appears to be working in the Capitol.

    I am not for violence, but I am for Americans standing up and expressing their opinions, and being free to do that. Itr seems that now Obama is trying to get neighbors to report neighbors when they say something against his plans, or agenda.

    It is getting pretty bad, but that may actually be a good thing.

    We will see. I'll not argue with you, I am just expressing my thoughts.

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