Pentagon/Governance: Mythos Century

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    The Pentagon is an American-governance symbol of rhetoric-securities. Trump Tower is a commerce-culture symbol of American capitalism idealism. Is modern America a nation of formidable mythos?

    Here's a capitalism-meditation involving the fictional galactic ruler Max Sterling debating about the TrumpUSA symbolism/relevance of the multi-headed underworld demon-dog Cerberus and why the 'mascot' symbolizes factionary-governance intrigue in modern human civilization.

    Sterling engages this debate with the fascism-ideology deity Medusa and the anarchism-advocate 'bishop' Anarky as the Trump Administration continues to develop its brand of 'globalization aesthetics.'

    This 'vignette' was inspired by My Fellow Americans and Wag the Dog.

    Does modern capitalism/democracy remind you of a fortress...or a casino?




    As the visionary emperor and warrior-king Max Sterling surveyed the developments of 'TrumpUSA' from his home planet of Venus, he took notice of how human civilization was very similar to the hidden-underground colony of Venusians. Sterling came up through the ranks of the Venusian army first as a field-drone and then as an invisible fighter-pilot before being declared a commander-general. When Sterling was elected emperor of Venus after he triumphantly led the Venusians in a critical war-campaign against invading Martians, he decided to impose a pro-federalist system of governance not unlike the one seen under the 'reign' of U.S. Treasurer Alexander Hamilton in the early days of independent America. Sterling was now intrigued by America's brand of 'celebrity-oriented socialization-pluralism' as a form of customs-based capitalism-and-media governance (i.e., Facebook, eTrade, EWTN, Planet Hollywood, etc.).


    As with any kind of 'planetary voyeurism,' governance-intrigue is rarely 'humble.' Sterling's governance-and-culture/customs fascination with 'TrumpUSA' was met with a parallax fascination by two underworld demi-gods who lived on Earth's moon. These two demi-gods were the snake-headed Medusa, 'deity' of fascism and idol-worship, and Anarky, 'guardian' of anarchism and chemical warfare. Medusa and Anarky were lovers and did not allow anyone or anything to threaten their ominous bond. Medusa was fascinated by Stalinism on Earth, while Anarky was intrigued by ISIS-terrorism and censorship controversies (e.g., WikiLeaks) in modern human civilization. Medusa and Anarky were interested in the sociological value of the Muslim-TV network Al Jazeera and how it 'complemented' the pro-commerce stance of 'TrumpUSA.' Medusa and Anarky were about to debate with the pensive Max Sterling about the 'contours' of capitalism-values in new age Earth.


    MEDUSA: Systems-governance on Earth is resource-based.
    ANARKY: Capitalism in humbled America is a not a far-cry from Communism.
    STERLING: Nevertheless, Americans value commerce-oriented imagination.

    MEDUSA: You have to admit that consumerism fosters pornography.
    ANARKY: Pornography creates censorship-intrigue!
    STERLING: Modern pro-Zionist media in America allows for etiquette debates.

    MEDUSA: Is Al Jazeera considered a legitimate satellite?
    ANARKY: Do Americans care about pluralistic habitation?
    STERLING: It seems that Wall Street caters to trade-based idealism.

    MEDUSA: Humans in Ancient Greece idealized Cerberus --- three-headed demon-dog.
    ANARKY: Cerberus reigned in the 'underworld' and presided over 'factionary governance.'
    STERLING: Governments can become 'faction-biased' but also free-speech sentimental!

    MEDUSA: Wall Street 'idealists' may 'impose' their capitalism-biases on others!
    ANARKY: There's little difference between capitalism-barons and socialism-fascists.
    STERLING: I disagree; Andrew Carnegie was nothing like Adolf Hitler...

    MEDUSA: Hitler presided over a 'mad nation' and was not guilty of vanity!
    ANARKY: Germans had become over-run with socioeconomic suffocation.
    STERLING: Carnegie's brand of 'philanthropy-capitalism' highlighted the value of fair-play.

    MEDUSA: American consumerism in the modern era is hypnotized by sports-glories.
    ANARKY: American athletes may become embroiled in steroids-scandals!
    STERLING: American youngsters still love 'folklore' about athletic concentration.

    MEDUSA: Perhaps Cerberus still 'reigns' in 'TrumpUSA' --- with consumerism-psychiatry.
    ANARKY: Yes, Cerberus may remind Americans of the 'madness' of Wall Street.
    STERLING: It seems eTrade can become 'nutty' but Americans romanticize raw skill!


    After Sterling, Medusa, and Anarky agreed that modern capitalism in America and human civilization catered to forms of 'factionary-governance' meditation and trade-based idealism, they noted that the Pentagon, location of the idolized U.S. Defense, was a 'hub' for archaeological splendor and capitalism 'rhetoric.' Sterling, Medusa, and Anarky agreed that if the three-headed demon-dog Cerberus still ruled in 'TrumpUSA' and hoisted customs-intrigue then it would reveal itself as a 'mascot' for general capitalism diplomacy. After all, the Pentagon was a site of great American governance evolution discussions, so a 'factionism' mascot such as Cerberus might reveal the 'ergonomic' qualities of modern diplomacy (e.g., NYSE-Euronext, European Union, NATO, etc.). Would modern America be a cradle for great propaganda?


    After capitalism-baron Donald Trump erected his impressive residential-structure Trump Tower in United Nations Plaza in New York, Trump began work on the TV-series Celebrity Apprentice, promoting the ties between commerce and customs in modern America. Soon, Trump set his sights on the White House, intrigued by new age links between economics and aesthetics. When Donald Trump became the second celebrity-president to enter the White House after Ronald Reagan, Americans wondered if 'Trumponomics' would reflect a modern-day sociocultural fascination with consumer-based programming. Would 'TrumpUSA' become a beacon for governance ideology or a 'tower' of indulgent rhetoric? Max Sterling believed modern capitalism could become a 'choice-based highway' while Medusa/Anarky maintained the assertion that capitalism could be a 'dictation-system.' It was all very...factionary.


    After Max Sterling parted ways with Medusa and Anarky, Sterling advised the Venusians that there was much to be learned from human capitalism and 'TrumpUSA.' Medusa and Anarky retired to their underground palace on Earth's moon and continued to 'spy' on humanity's developments in the departments of commerce and media in this new age of networking and etiquette. Sterling asked his Venusian engineers to design a video-game system for the youngsters on Venus that would resemble the graphics-friendly imagination of the gameplay-ideology based console Microsoft Xbox. Medusa and Anarky concluded that 'TrumpUSA' was a 'platform' for great ambition. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration prepared to deal with a new factionary nuclear controversy involving North/South Korea and President Trump wanted to make the Pentagon his base for superior globalization-politics hype.




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