Orange County: Browns (NFL) Treaty

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    The Cleveland Browns (NFL) had a terrific preseason start to the season last night, as hotshot rookie-QB Baker Mayfield and company took down Saquon Barkley's much-touted NY Giants who still boast Super Bowl champion Eli Manning as their go-to-QB...

    The Browns have struggled in recent years and have depended on the NFL Draft to 'bail' them out, and perhaps this is the season that eccentric 'dream' comes true. In fact, the Browns have not been 'hot' since the days of phenom-QB Bernie Kosar, who along with other QB legends who've never won a Super Bowl (e.g., Fran Tarkenton, Vince Ferragamo, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Randall Cunningham, Warren Moon, Drew Bledsoe) made Cleveland a great sports-city during his 'reign.'

    Well, Mayfield's team performance last night has Browns fans dreaming again, so is this reason enough for fans to seek a 'peace-treaty' with their NFL team (to 'motivate' them to play to their capabilities)?

    Someone call the Bad News Bears...



    A Browns fans (wealthy enough) may have purchased a slick Honda orange bike today after celebrating last night's exciting victory over Barkley's Giants. Hey, what would you do if you were a Browns fan? Huh?


    A great blend of team-coordination and QB-leadership generated the right dose of offense to quash what was otherwise a red-hot opening for Giants phenom-rookie RB Saquon Barkley who ran the ball for over 30 yards in his first-ever NFL carry.


    A journalist drove by a Cleveland suburban home today and witnessed a grotesque Caucasian man in an orange ski-mask doing an unsightly NFL celebratory dance with two toy guns. The journalist quickly called the cops, suspicious the guns weren't toys, but when the police arrived, the celebrating suburban Browns fan revealed his guns to be in fact water-guns.


    As this transpired, a young yuppie couple living right outside Cleveland decided to enjoy a zesty orange-colored Chicken Makhani gourmet-lunch as a fancy Indian restaurant. Who says Browns fans are not worldly/cultured?


    Americans should encourage Browns fans to continue in their NFL revelry thanks to the brilliance of their new star Baker Mayfield, and they might even enjoy a romantic evening with their spouses at the Orange Hotel while watching the Browns play this season, but when all is said and done, and the fanfare has quieted, what Cleveland (and arguably the NFL) needs is good old fashioned optimism.




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