Odd Couple, Quincy M.E. star Jack Klugman passes @ 90

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    For many, Jack Klugman will always be the messy one...
    'Odd Couple' star Jack Klugman dies in LA at 90
    24 Dec.`12 — His portrayal of sloppy sportswriter Oscar Madison on TV's "The Odd Couple" left viewers laughing but it also gave Klugman the leverage to create a more serious character, the gruff medical examiner in "Quincy M.E." His everyman ethos and comic timing endeared him to audiences and led to a prolific, six-decade acting career that spanned stage, screen and television.
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    Reaction to the death of actor Jack Klugman
    24 Dec.`12 - Celebrities on Monday reacted to the death of "Odd Couple" star Jack Klugman, who died Monday at age 90. Here are samples of sentiments expressed on Twitter:
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