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Discussion in 'Politics' started by LilOlLady, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Bringing our troops home and ending the American war in Iraq is a success and extending the illegal invasion and occupation is a failure. We have lot too much in Iraq already and we are leaving 6,000 Americans that will never come home.
    Leaving 20,000 troops in Iraq in harms ways is not ending the war and is not an option.
    America’s united in using force against Iraq was not an agreement to go to war but to send a message to the United Nations that we were united. Next thing we know, we are using force and invading Iraq.
    It’s way pass time for Afghanistan and Iraq to stand fight for their own freedom is they want it.
    Our invasion or Afghanistan and Iraq stirred up a “hornet’s nest” and released the hornets. Terrorist.
    We are not leaving completely. We have a million dollar embassy in Iraq and thousands of greedy contractors.
    And RRWE want to start another war with Iran? RRWE on drugs.
    Obama kept the most important campaign promise and he still have to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and he need another four years to do that in 2014. A promise we can believe in.

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