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    Obama's new slogan should be "media first". Getting his and the Democrat's false talking points out on the airwaves is priority No. 1, not solving the nation's financial crisis.

    Yesterday, in a blatant attempt to embarrass John McCain, Democrats announced a "deal in principal" had been agreed to. Problem was that the "deal" was never shown to House Minority Leader John Boehner who rejected it out of hand because House Republicans did not support the "deal" and felt alternatives should be considered.

    The Democrats could probably get this "deal" passed through Congress and to the President but they will not do so as they do not want to take full responsibility for giving Wall Street 700 billion dollars and siding with Bush.

    The Democartic answer: Blame McCain.

    And that they did. Paul Begala, Donna Brazile and the rest of the usual Democratic suspects hit the airwaves attacking McCain for "blowing up" the deal. Professor Obama weighed in explaining how "injecting Presidential politics into delicate negotiations" is never a good idea. No doubt had Governor Palin given the same answer to Katie Couric, the perky CBS anchor would have asked Palin to give a previous example of "injecting presidential politics into delicate negotiations". But when Obama gives an answer it must be true and requires no follow up question.

    So where does that leave us?

    Well, according to Bob Schieffer of CBS News it was Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen who called McCain and begged him to come to Washington to get the House Republicans on board. So while the Democrats play politics and put the media first, McCain has put it all on the line and once again put country first.

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