Obama Landslide looking doable!!!!!

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Inferno, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Some of the polls are now showing North Dakota on the Obama side. Missouri is a toss up. McCain has a 1% lead in North Carolina. McCains huge leads in Georgia and Mississippi are slipping.

    It is begining to look not like an Obama victory but a Landslide.
    There is now a possible 59 to 41 edge for the Dems in the Senate.
    The House looks like 247 to 146 Dem advantage.
    Governors should be 29 to 21 for the Dems as well.

    The Maverick is in serious trouble with his Moose hunting buddy. How will the Dems handle not haveing to reach across the aisle. They will have to set up more chairs on the Dem side.

    This is a testament to the failed Bush administration and a poor candidate in McCain who showed poor judgement in selecting Palin. How will change that is good for the country start to happen with this type of mandate?

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