Nonlocal, instantaneous connection between human brains?

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    Strange/True: Psi Captured on EEG? The Research of Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum

    "We have found that when two subjects interact and later on are separated inside two isolated Faraday cages, and when one of the subjects is stimulated and his brain responds with a clearly evoked potential, the other brain is also activated and responds with what I have called a 'transferred potential'." What does it all mean? If the results are accurate, they point to the existence of some form of nonlocal, instantaneous connection between human brains. "


    "The evoked potential Grinberg refers to was generated with a strobe light flashed into the subject's eyes, producing a distinctive brain wave pattern on the EEG. When the receiver's brain waves were measured by EEG, the same pattern was detected at the same point in time that the sender had seen the strobe flashes. This correlation of patterns did not occur when no stimulus was provided to the sender. In addition, increases in distance did not present any barrier to transmission between brains."

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