Mysterium Iniquitatis

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    ~The mystery of evil ~

    Abstract: Shadow projection, as the transference of personal inferiority, and the related concept of sin transference, lie at the heart of the mystery of evil. Destructive projection does not depend on "misunderstandings" in the micro-social context, nor on instinctual predatory instincts. It is an archaic method of ego emancipation by which the transgressor's unconscious suffering is transferred to the victim. It aims at maintaining ego firmness. Intellectuals often become subjects of shadow projection as they are capable of questioning the established order, due to their ability to think freely. It is analysed as the projection of Promethean guilt. An answer to the machinations of evil has been formulated in Christian theology. The ego's suffering is laid on the shoulders of Christ, who carries the sins of the world. The Christ figure is understood as the spiritual awareness of the inner self ("Christ liveth in me"). A regress to a pre-Christian cultural mentality implies the massive return of scapegoat psychology, as exemplified by the collective shadow psychology of the Third Reich. The Western world is undergoing transitions that undermine our notion of, and our awareness of, the spiritual self. If the sins aren't carried by Christ anymore, then they must be carried by other human beings, with foreseeable consequences.

    Keywords: evil, the shadow, self, sin transference, group narcissism, intellectuals, scapegoatism, Christian love.

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    Mysterium Iniquitatis (The mystery of evil)

    Mats Winther

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