Moves Toward Energy Independence Are in Process

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    With Mitch Daniels as the Governor of Indiana, we have been blessed with more commonsense intiatives targetting the prosperity of the citizenry than ever before. There is no practical reason why many other states cannot do the same thing.

    Friday, March 27, 2009
    By Nick Schneider, Assistant Editor

    Gov. Mitch Daniels said in a Friday morning stop in Linton that he is proud that the state has stepped up and passed historic coal legislation that he says is good news for the economy in Greene, Sullivan and other southern Indiana communities.

    Daniels signed a bill into law Tuesday that allows the state's finance authority to negotiate long-term contracts to buy and sell synthetic natural gas from a planned southern Indiana coal-gasification plant.

    The governor said the law will save Indiana's natural gas users billions of dollars by ensuring a steady supply of synthetic natural gas free of the price fluctuations of the natural gas market.
    Under the bill, the Indiana Finance Authority would act as an intermediary contracting partner between the state's gas utilities and the developer of a coal-gasification plant near the Ohio River town of Rockport in Spencer County.

    Greene County Daily World: Story: UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Gov. Daniels proud that Indiana has stepped up and passed historic coal legislation
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