Men of a certain age v. women of a certain age

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    Men escape bearing children; men often escape responsibility even for children they helped bear. "Boys will be boys; men will be men..." blah blah blah. And the "specialness" of their gender doesn't ever seem to stop. Consider how society sees over 40 but under 90 males:

    He looks so rugged with some wrinkles.
    She looks old and tired.

    That gray around the temples is so attractive.
    Did you notice all her gray hair?!!

    The first thing you notice is that shock of white hair.
    Her white hair is shocking.

    A little exercise will take care of his spare tire.
    She looks like a pear.

    He's gained so much weight (beer & barstools will do that to ya... har har).
    She looks like a pig.

    He's lost so much weight. How DID he do it?
    She's lost so much weight that underneath it's probably all flab gone south.

    Glasses give him an air of intelligence.
    She's trying to hide the bags with glasses.

    He's gained so much wisdom in middle age.
    She's become preachy.

    Loafers and deck shoes worn with anything show he's still sporty and young at heart.
    What's next for her? Slippers?!

    Did you notice his new smile?
    Is she wearing dentures? Eeewwwww...

    His deep tan makes him look like a Greek god.
    Her deep tan makes her look like a mummy.


    Okay, men, your turn.
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