Little Sisters Fight Obamacare

Discussion in 'USMB Breaking News' started by Peony, Mar 24, 2016.

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    Dear Valerie
    Nope, what makes me different is that I include your beliefs equally as mine.
    Religious zealots exclude the opposing views, which means you are more like them not me. I believe in including both sides equally. Do you see the difference?

    you and I are both talking about being consistent with the laws against discrimination.

    It is inconsistent to treat beliefs about
    right to health care differently from right to life when they both impose on free choice.

    My Constitutional beliefs are to include representation of both sides beliefs equally.

    While you and the other "religious zealots" exclude each other, I do not.

    You may consider my Constitutional beliefs in equality to be religious, but at least it is consistent and includes your beliefs instead of rejecting them.

    I'm sorry you don't believe in enforcing laws equally, but only your beliefs at the expense of others. How are you any different from religious zealots who do the same? I explained how my views are different. Is this clear yet, or do you still mistake me as saying something I don't mean and don't believe in?

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