Liberals are Hans Grubers

Discussion in 'Political Satire' started by JGalt, Dec 23, 2017.

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    While watching my favorite Christmas movie "Die Hard" the other day, it occurred to me that the leftists in this country remind me of the movie's antagonist Hans Gruber.

    They're arrogant, petty, greedy, and think highly of themselves. They consider themselves more intelligent than anyone else, and like to flaunt their knowledge and boast of their high education. They don't follow the rule of law and want to redistribute someone else's money to themselves.

    They occupy high places, use thugs to deny people of their rights, and hold Americans as political hostages. They're capable of great acts of violence, disrespect women, and despise corporations. They read Time Magazine, pretend to have lofty idealistic aims, and are in general, assholes.

    This is why I will no longer refer to liberals as "liberals" or "leftists". From now on, you will be referred to as "Grubers", or simply "Hans". Yippie Ki Yay Mofos. And Merry Christmas.

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