Liberal Pundit on 'Bush Tax Cuts'

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    1. Ezra Klein... is a liberal American blogger and columnist for The Washington Post, a columnist for Bloomberg, and a contributor to MSNBC. He was formerly an associate editor of The American Prospect political magazine and a political blogger at the same publication.
    Ezra Klein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    2. ""I wish they werenÂ’t called the Bush tax cuts," the 43rd president said in remarks on Tuesday. "If they were called some other body's tax cuts, they're probably less likely to be raised."

    3. ...Bush is selling himself short here. Most of his tax cuts are, at this point, an almost foregone conclusion. ...And not only do both parties support the expanded child tax credit, but Democrats have expanded it further. The bulk of the Bush tax cuts are now a bipartisan affair.

    4. ...Democrats have, for the most part, admitted that Bush was right, and the Clinton-era tax rates were too high on most Americans. For all that Democrats talk about returning to the Clinton-era tax rates, they only ever mean for the top two percent of taxpayers -- the folks who are now in the 35% bracket, but whom they would like to see in a 39.6% bracket.

    5. The reality is that, on tax policy, Democrats are now closer to Bush than to Clinton."
    Wonkbook: On taxes, George W. Bush has won - The Washington Post guilty pleasure: watching how the Democrat elites put forth some propaganda, which is immediately absorbed by their thoughtless supporters.....

    ...then the elites have to admit the truth, and pull the rug out from under the dolts.

    Time to hit 'reset,' dolts.

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