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    Some may or may not know that I am a frequent participant in gallup polls. Yes, I know I am not a big believer in poll #'s in terms of deriving truth in things like elections or whatever, but it is fun to see some of the polls and surveys they have, so I participate.

    Anyway... here is the text from the latest thank you note I have from Gallup.

    Thank you for recently taking part in a Gallup Panel survey.

    Because you were willing to share your thoughts and opinions with us, we thought you
    might enjoy reading about some recent findings from Gallup Panel surveys.

    --In recent weeks, global economic factors and reduced demand have continued to
    drive gas costs downward. However, average prices at the pump are higher than what
    they were a year ago. Looking forward, about 80% of panelists say that one year from
    now they think gas prices will be somewhat higher (40%) or much higher (41%) than
    they are today.

    --While on the campaign trail, Barack Obama and John McCain have spoken about their
    ideas for the U.S. healthcare system. A recent Panel study asked respondents to
    choose from a list of five options what they considered the biggest healthcare

    A majority of panelists (57%) say the cost of healthcare is their biggest concern,
    while 20% add that the number of uninsured people is most concerning. Additionally,
    9% of panelists say the cost of prescription drugs is their main concern. About 12%
    of respondents say the quality of care is most concerning, while 2% say their
    biggest worry is not having enough choices of doctors and hospitals.

    --Gallup asked panelists to identify which of five options they consider the best
    long-term investment. About the same percentage of respondents say savings accounts
    or CDs (28%), stocks or mutual funds (28%), and real estate (26%) are the best
    continuing investments, while 9% of panelists say bonds or "other" investments are
    best for the long term.

    For the latest Gallup Panel updates and content, click the following link to view
    the Gallup Panel Members Web Site:

    Thank you,
    The Gallup Panel team

    Figured it could be interesting

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