Joe the Plumber now Joe the war correspondent

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ABikerSailor, Jan 7, 2009.

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    It now seems that the shill known as Joe the Plumber has now decided that his best quest for fame isn't singing or any of the other crap he was going to do.

    Now....he's gonna go to Iraq. Gonna be a war correspondent.

    My question is, how smart is that dude? Apparently not very, as this election, more than any other, had been broadcast over the entire globe. And, since he was McStupid's main dude to point at, he's pretty well known.

    Now, I'm not hoping that he gets shot. Matter of fact, I'm kinda hoping the opposite, I don't like seeing Americans killed. But......did he even bother to think about what his fame from the election could bring to him if he did this?

    I'm betting not.

    I mean, face it....he's well known, has his picture everywhere, and it's attached to the power elite in DC. Taliban gunners are probably foaming at the mouth waiting for him to show up.

    My question is........who else thinks this is a stupid idea for him to do?

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