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    -which of the ‘parties’ control the country.

    In order to secure their reelections, all but a very tiny minority will vote to steal from some and give to many and we have now reached a juncture that those who expect to receive the government’s ‘love’ in the form of Chinese-financed checks now outnumber those who have something left to steal.
    The thirst of those who suck from the teat of the public treasury is now greater than any resistance anyone can create.

    I apologize for being among those who thought that the GOP would prevent this from happening and found too late that it was a major part of the problem.
    Joining the Libertarian Party did nothing to stop this slide into the kleptocracy we now have but at least removed one supporter from the ranks of the idiots who still haven’t grasped the changed rules of the game.

    Both parties have sold out the country and I feel fortunate that whatever brief time I have remaining will not be enough to see the final disastrous results of our trust in government and the protections the founders attempted to build into our much-vaunted Constitution which has been ignored for half of its existence, one protection after another being peeled away.

    The day of reckoning is coming when our debtors will assume possession of once was the hope of the world.

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