Israel's Army Has Smashed Large Hamas Terror Group

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    November 25, 2004

    Two years after the Worshipers Path ambush terror attack, the murderers have been killed in a battle with IDF soldiers - marking the liquidation of a major Hamas terror cell in Hevron.

    The attack two years ago claimed the lives of 12 men: IDF Commander of the Judea Region, Col. Dror Weinberg, as well as other soldiers, Kiryat Arba emergency team members, and local residents. It occurred on Friday night, November 15, 2002, between Hevron and Kiryat Arba.

    IDF forces arrived yesterday at a building in which were hiding two terrorists involved in the attack, and another, more senior terrorist. The troops surrounded the house for nearly three hours, calling upon them to surrender. The Israelis then fired heavily into the house, and an IDF bulldozer began taking down the building.

    At this point, the soldiers gingerly entered the building to search for the enemies' bodies - and the terrorists, who had been hiding in a pit underneath, began shooting at the troops. The soldiers responded quickly, and the result was two dead terrorists and another one seriously wounded.

    Maj. Didi Sadan, IDF Judea District Operations Officer, announced afterwards that the three were members of a clandestine Hamas terrorist cell operating directly under Imad Kawasme, the regional Hamas commander who was apprehended two months ago in his underwear. "They would meet, stocking-clad [so they could not be identified], with underling terror cells," Maj. Sadan said, "and directed them in carrying out shooting attacks on the roads and placing bombs. They also dispatched suicide bombers."

    The General Security Service (Shabak) reported that among the attacks they organized was the double bus bombing in Be'er Sheva this past August in which 16 people were killed, and a failed attack in a Jerusalem cafe. "The capture of this cell – the most senior one since Kawasme's capture - is a mortal blow to the Hamas infrastructure in Hevron, and a great success," Sadan concluded.

    It was also learned that one of the dead terrorists had been imprisoned in Israel before, but was released this past January as part of the exchange for the hostage Elchanan Tenenbaum.

    Some 400 Hamas terrorists have been arrested in the Hevron region in the past weeks, thus that Hamas in the Hevron region is now essentially wiped out, Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman notes.

    Rabbi Shimon Ben-Amram, head of the Kiryat Arba emergency team who took part in the tragic Worshipers Path battle two years ago, told Arutz-7 last night, "We know that the IDF often operates deep inside Hevron, and the missions end with arrests or liquidations... The army expends efforts to provide security, and it's felt mainly in Kiryat Arba [adjacent to Hevron], though less so on the roads outside the city."

    This morning, IDF forces destroyed the Hevron home of a Hamas terrorist who planned to perpetrate a suicide attack on the Kafit Cafe in Jerusalem several weeks ago. He turned back at the last moment, but was later killed by IDF forces when he tried again.

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