Israeli delegations meet in Erbil

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    Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:14 pm

    Sites / Badi - A source close to the Kurdish Islamic movement speaks about a meeting held in Erbil gathering Mansour son of Massoud Barzani with Israeli and General Coordinator of the Israeli-Kurdish relations (Dakar Movaúal) and the General Coordinator of the Israeli-Kurdish relations (Bneyadin Muntari).

    The source who spoke to the Agency (AUR), asked his name not to be mentioned, also provided a picture of receiving the leader of quality operations Israeli (Dakar Movaúal) and the General Coordinator of the relations of the Israeli Kurdish (Bneyadin Muntari) by the commander of security forces of kurdistan region, which is shown in the picture in a civilian attire in one of the guest houses in Erbil .

    The sources said that the meeting lasted about an hour and a half hours, during which ways were review to develop relations between the two sides, especially in the military side and the possibility to benefit from Israeli expertise in this area.

    The Kurdish news sites show information on the pursuit of kurdistan president Massoud Barzani to buy Israeli aircraft in a signed agreement for the exchange of diplomatic representation between KRG and between Tel Aviv.

    The president of kurdistan Massoud Barzani had said earlier that "the establishment of a strategic relationship with Israel is not a crime, Many Arab countries have relations with the Jewish state."

    البدیع | بارزاني يسعى لشراء طائرات إسرائيلية ونجله يلتقي وفدا إسرائيليا في أربيل
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