Is United States Creating Another Black Hole For Itself?

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    A long time ally of americans in the middle east maybe the next victim of incompetent and short term profitable policies, again.

    A one of a kind muslim secular and democratic country, being transformed into another black hole in the middle east. And sad to say, american policies is only helping this process.

    A long time secular republic is falling victim to profiting political mentality. America based islamic group is taking control over turkey, a long time ally trying to integrate itself into the western world view despite its islamic roots.


    Fethullah Gulen is the name. His organization is operating out of united states. Extorting money, black mailing, cheating in exams for key government roles,... all types of illegal activity is operated from their headquarters in philadelphia. They are also allowed to operate in the united states, open up islamic schools, get united states citizenship for their people which gives them immunity over in turkey.

    The reason for united states to support him is that secular turkish government did not provide your politicians and corporates as much as they would expect to get. So now they are replacing a regime of western values, with a regime of isamic values.

    Read the story of turkey ladies and gents. Thats how black holes are created. This is the story of american policies in the region of middle east. Thats how it has become what it is today. Greed of the corporates and politicians has shaped the region, and this is how it happened...
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