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    To give you the back ground to this judgement made here today.........A recidivist violent wife Basher.....last year decided to drive into his 8 month pergnant wife with his car.

    The result was that the lady in question was hospitalized and spent 8 month recovering,she is left with brain damage.....the baby died.

    He was sentenced today............I feel overwhelmed with Anger and much Sadness.

    He got a $2000 fine and has lost his licience for 2 years.....that's right.....Fucking two grand and 2 years.

    If this had been my daughter........he would be in a wheelchair by now.....I would tell the judge that was an accident or b.I've done the crime,I'll do the time,what would the judge have meated out to me?????

    The judge is a Fucking idiot as by giving the minimum sentence,merely allows society to think what the F.... going on.

    I hate injustice,for this surely is............we are organizing a Lawyer to take up her case,justice we hope will be doubt it will take time but I will keep you posted...........its now a fight to the death.theliq not :cool: and not :lol:

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