Is The Right In American Politics More Looney Then The Left & More Dangerous Than Fan

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    Is The Right In American Politics More Looney Than The Left & More Dangerous Than Crazy Web Islamists?

    I know from experience on many site that the threats one gets from right wingers (not talking about conservatives and Republicans) on the internet far surpass any I've gotten from self identified Islamists and obviously lunatic leftists.

    So it is with keen interest that I am trying to catch up on the battles between the crazy right wing and the founder of a site I know...lgf (little green footballs).

    Below is an exerpt from an from January 8, 2010. It was written up by James Rainey, in his On The Media, column. It features a puff piece on Charles Johnson, the founder of lgf.

    Google this and you'll find all the dedicated right wingers going after this man as if he were Judas Iscariot at the second coming.
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