Debate Now Is it reasonable to think Trump suffers from mental illness? NPD, dementia, something else?

Discussion in 'Debate Now - Structured Discussion Forum' started by Xelor, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Please delete this post sometime after April 1, 2017. It's here only because I can't PM candycorn with a direct response to her comment, and I have no other way to respond to her, but the post itself has nothing to do with the thread topic. ​

    The audience for this thread consists solely of people who don't mind, among other things, the length of OP and the scope of information one must have to respond with a rebuttal/refutation of the ideas presented in the OP. That may here make for a small audience, but it is nonetheless the intended audience.

    Truly, I'm not interested in what the "peanut gallery" have to say on the matter, which I don't see as political. I thought about the audience from whom I care to receive responses. As for anyone who is not part of that audience, or not interested/willing to become part of it, I'd really appreciate it if they didn't post in the thread.

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