Iran President Exits Gracefully--Notes World Has Changed!

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    Without alluding to the Arab Spring supported by the United States directly, indirectly it was noted that the usual Moslem Anti-Marxist thinking might be be better-served with a reorganization of the management of the United Nations.

    Iranian president accuses West of intimidation in U.N address -

    Bush-Cheney had opened the way to a Persian Ascendancy in the Middle East--sending in troops to quell pre-industrial-revolution level economies in two nations(?)! Trouble there was in feeling the love: For a lot of years!

    Mainly, former Mayor Giuliani was rioting in the street, instead, while the President of Iran was likely suggesting that Satan, in the United Nations, could leave and go Occupy Mayor Bloomberg's Office instead(?)

    Romney-Ryan no doubt regard the whole thing as New York City at Prayers!

    For its part, the White House kept a low profile, allowing the more Australian approach to take hold: "If you are going to behave like Violent Extremists, you should expect to be treated like Violent Extremists!" Likely Mayor Giuliani--or maybe Bloomberg(?)--needs to take note(?)! Diet specialists may need to take note!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Soon maybe world understand Lands of Many Nations: If Bureau of Indian Affairs is put in charge of bringing Afghanistan into modernization(?)!)
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