Income, Orders, & Saving Up(?)! It's The Money!

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    Economists are noting that USA appears to be on the "trajectory," out of the recession--the poor are not involved. Americans would have found out about that, 18 months ago, from the Reno Gazette: But nobody said so.

    Durable Goods orders are up two months in a row, and double digit annual rates. People have more money to spend, and are. A 1.4% increase of personal income is a double digit annual rate. People saved up, including the stimulus bonus checks for the Social Security recipients. Consumer Confidence is up. Anyone guesses that people are saving up, with money for the big-ticket purchases yet to come.

    Therefore, CNBC was moaning all morning long--and even with no expressions of sympathy for Michael Jackson's age 50 death.

    No one seems to have been able to much comment on just what a few trillion dollars can do!

    Likely now everyone expects to have a new job, starting on Monday Morning! Mainly Silicon Valley, and their investors, appears to understand about new volume orders.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (So: Look For, The Union Label, When Doing Business, Now in D. C. It's in there somewhere. just sniff around there: It's just not so clear, as it was before! (With no apologies to Senator Tom Harkin))
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