illegal 14 yrs old steals 7 cars 1 by gun point arrested in Colorado, known gangster!

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    Everyone better get their concealed weapon permit.

    Teen suspects in auto thefts to remain in detention

    Youths are accused of stealing seven vehicles between Oct. 25 and 30

    Glenwood Springs, Colorado – A 14-year-old illegal alien car thief and his 16 year partner stole 7 cars in 5 days. They are charged with multiple counts of felony motor vehicle theft, trespassing and attempted theft.

    They broke into 8 other cars and stole anything and everything from radios to a gun. That gun was found on the 14-year-old car thief. The County Sheriff said that authorities found proof that the boys were gang members of the Sureño gang who are criminals and thugs.

    Police say that the cars were stolen from 4 different counties. The boys are in Juvenile Hall until their next court date on Dec. 14.

    “The 14-year-old was arrested Oct. 30 in New Castle after reportedly being held at gunpoint by the owner of a vehicle he was allegedly trying to steal. He is additionally charged with illegally carrying a concealed weapon and possession of a handgun by a minor.”

    “The older youth was arrested Oct. 31 after being interviewed about a car theft that occurred in Carbondale, Colorado on Oct. 29. He is charged with felony aggravated motor vehicle theft, attempted motor vehicle theft and conspiracy to commit motor vehicle theft.”

    Police say there may be more arrests pending investigation.

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