ICC new Chief negative of her predecessor

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    Months after replacing the International Criminal Court Chief, the ill-reputed Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the new ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told the U.N. Security Council that Sudan may face new charges.

    This negative developments came while the African leaders were planning to withdraw confidence from the ICC which has just become a tool to colonize the African continent.

    More than 50 countries have participated in conference held in Addis Ababa on ICC. The conferees came up with a conclusion that ICC has targeted the Africans only.

    A French law expert has lashed at the ICC, saying it is used to charge whoever the Security Council wants to incriminate.

    Speaking for press conference on the sidelines of the Golden Jubilee of the Department of French Language, University of Khartoum, Prof. Edmond Jouve of Sorbonne University, said ICC targets certain countries to subject and weaken them politically. The ICC has never charged any of the western countries since its inception in 2002, he said.

    Many law experts were disappointed by the former ICC chief for his disgusting and immoral behaviour and being a tool in the hand of super powers.

    Unfortunately, new ICC Prosecutor has followed her predecessor , matter which indicates that court is politically oriented tool to humiliate the Africans by the African ICC Prosecutor . In other words, ICC was established primarily to prosecute only Africans.

    ICC Chief said she is planning to pursue African suspects through African mechanism which will enable the West to control the whole continent.

    Similarly, the United Nations which was established to draw all countries on equal basis, but actually weak nations have say as manifested in all the Security Councils resolutions which targeted weak countries.

    The ICC was established according to Rome Statute, 1998 as an independent judicial institution as the International Court of Justice, but practically it is a stooge. It hasnt rejected any case referred by the Security Council and it is obliged to submit a regular report to Security on its performance.

    Moreover, the ICC collects evidence for filling from reports by spies and intelligence. Does an independent court do that? The idea of the ICC, therefore, was one of most deplorable thing that humanity has ever known.

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