Over Ten Thousand Refugees Return to North Darfur State

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    El Fashir – North Darfur state government announced the return of 22,813 Sudanese refugees from the neighbouring countries.

    The total number of IDPs in the state's camps reached 216,303 and their number in key cities reached 90,777, said Osman Mohamed Yousif Kibir, governor of North Darfur in his speech to the State Assembly. Up to 117,722 IDPs are currently in Kabkabiya, Kurma, Dar Al Salam, Shangil Tobai, East Jebel Marra, Sireif and Saraf Omra villages, he said. The number of IDPs who voluntarily and seasonally returned reached 56,160, he added.

    The governor said the number of IDPs who benefited from free aid and food in return for education and development through the WFP and the ICRC reached 424,805. He said 66 thousand metric tons of foods were distributed as part of the food for education and development programme.

    The UN joint logistic centre provided shelters, water and kitchen equipments to about 754,071 of the people affected by war and floods this year.

    The total amount of funding obtained by NGOs for their activities this year reached SDG 67,972,672 and UN agencies obtained SDG 32,866,676 from donors. National NGOs and civil society organizations received SDG697, 149,000 from donors to implement projects in the field of basic services, livelihood, child welfare and capacity building.

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