Hurricane Sandy Was God Making His Will Known On The Elections!

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    Americans ordinarily don’t like to talk about God’s will in elections because America is comprised of people of so many different religious backgrounds and these religions hold such different belief systems leading to different views on God's will in an election ordinarily making such an endeavor a pointless controversy! But the occurrences of this election cycle have been so remarkably unusual that it seems appropriate to hold such conversations because people of different religions can readily draw some common conclusions here. What has transpired this election season can readily cause a reasonable person to conclude and in fact has caused many Americans to conclude that God doesn't want the Republican Party to retake power in Washington this year. I say this not because I or any of these Americans have any direct communication from God that such is his will, rather I say that based on trying to understand and trying to make wise deductions of the occurrences of this election cycle using a perspective of faith, a perspective that makes indirect deductions from surrounding circumstances and a perspective that holds the belief that there is a person of God who is engaged in this world and has a will on what he wants to transpire in it and we his creatures can sometimes discern such will of his. Using this first part perspective of faith is not such an unusual thing people do it all the time a person when he or she pursues a romantique relationship with another he or she often doesn't know whether the object of his or her affection holds the same feelings often they deduce such a conclusion something the person said or some other thing(s) about the person's behavior, people do it all the time in business they deduce they can trust a person from such deductions.

    The circumstances that lead many Americans to conclude that God is opposed to the Republicans regaining power this year is the following. Hurricane Sandy makes us think this way on so many fronts. The course of Hurricane Sandy was so unusual. Hurricanes if they hit the east coast at all normally side swipe the east coast travelling south to north, Hurricane Sandy traveling south to north takes a ninety degree turn perpendicular into the east coast below Atlantic City traveling south of Harrisburg PA and then south of Pittsburgh, very very strange many long-term weather experts have concurred on this point. Where Hurricane Sandy turned perpendicular into the east coast around Atlantic City was critically important and rather surprising because it put the outer bands of the hurricane driving into New York City. This coupled with the coincidence of the direction of the winds from the Nor'easter which increased the power of the hurricane bands driving into Manhattan, these things coupled with the timing of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast right at the time of a full moon which is a period of high tide for the coast of New York City. All these things are important because they added up to produce a hurricane effect that devastated not just any city but the City of New York which contains Wall Street and many key financial markets and represents "symbolically" not only the financial industry but corporate America itself. This is important because the Democrats have been trying to responsibly regulate the financial industry and Corporate America and stop their abuses and look out for the American people's interest and the Republicans want to stop this regulatory effort and allow the industries to do what it wants. Hurricane Sandy devastated lower Manhattan with flooding and wind force causing the unprecedented harm of shutting down the financial markets for two days, flooding the subway system and knocking out electric power for many days among other things! Causing us "God's Will Discerning" Americans to conclude that God here is sending the American people a message that the financial industry that is still pushing to have investment vehicles and practices that are irresponsible and reckless where there will be big winners and big losers and the fallout be damned is wrong as well as is the continual irresponsible merger craze this industry still embarks on which are not good for consumers or jobs, for example, U.S. Airways buying American Airlines. God was also sending the message that Corporate America still has a lot of badness about it that needs addressing examples abound one would be this shale gas industry needs good regulation the industry can't be leaking natural gas into our environment and water supplies and their pipelines need strong regulation for they have to be safe for the forty to fifty years they will be in service, another example would be corporate America collectively has to stop treating their employees in terms of wages, hours and benefits, etc. with what they can get away with (what the market will bear) and do what is right by them; the Democrat Party sees these issues the Republican Party doesn't care about these issues! In short, us Americans believe that God with these large number of freakish weather coincidences is sending the American people the message he supports the Democrats and opposes the Republicans for the above reasons!

    Critics will say why would God do this a lot of innocent people have gotten hurt here (many people have lost their homes, etc.), in fact seventy plus people died; God is supposed to be all good and all loving. God discerning Americans will say the harm you cite is dwarfed by the harm that the financial industry, corporate America and the Republican have caused and will cause in America if they regain power. How many hundreds of thousand of American families have lost their homes because the financial industry through greed (failure to reduce mortgage loans to fair market value of the homes involved) and bungling the needed mortgage modifications and outstanding mortgage refinancings available. How many tens of millions of Americans will not get health insurance starting in 2014 if the Republicans get back into power and repeal the 2010 Healthcare Reform Law and so not get needed healthcare and suffer and in some cases die because of it. How high will the multiple be compared to "Sandy's number" for the number of communities devastated in the future from weather calamities due to global warming issues if the Republicans regain power where they don't believe America or the world has any problem here!

    There is many other smaller unusual and strange occurrences that transpired with Hurricane Sandy that could lead a person that holds a belief in God to conclude that God used Hurricane Sandy to send the American people a message about the elections. One, pictures of the wiped out community of Breezy Point from the Borough of Queens of New York City specifically the pictures of the hundred plus homes burned to the ground from Hurricane Sandy and in the midst of the ashen rubble a religious statue of the Mother of Jesus Christ in excellent condition having no significant smoke or fire damage; many Americans believe this miraculous occurrence was brought about by the hand of God for the purpose of sending people a message from him about the purpose of the Hurricane!

    Another strange occurrence was the sinking of the famous wooden ship the HMS Bounty by Hurricane Sandy, the location of the sinking was the southern outer perimeter (one would think not a very dangerous area) of the hurricane and the captain was a very excellent boat captain who would never have risked the lives of his crew and ship taking it on a dangerous journey. Moreover though, is the significance of this specific ship that went down this ship was used in the famous movie about the mutiny on the Bounty. The story of the Bounty is commonly known amongst the American people that during colonial times when England was the preeminent superpower in the world it had an awesome navy and one of its ships the HMS Bounty had its crew mutiny and takeover the ship because of the harsh and unjust treatment toward the crew by the captain and the crew sailed to one of the caribbean islands and lived out their lives as they chose. The special importance of the story is that during that time in history the crew committed a great taboo taking over one of the royal navy ships in a sense it was tantamount to a popular revolt where the population takes over a country, albeit a small country the size of the boat. The great symbolic relevance with Hurricane Sandy sinking the HMS Bounty is that it leaves the impression that God's hand vis-a-vis the hurricane not only takes away the country from those in authority, the wealthy and Corporate America Executives, because of the injustice they promulgate but destroys the country - a pretty strong message. It could also be that God is really driving the message home here because it looks like he took the captain's life because at the current time the captain's status is he is lost in the ocean; selfish wealthy Americans and corporate executives should heed the wake-up call and change their ways or their fate could be the same! In any event, the message seems to be that God is displeased with the wealthy and special interest that really run this country and who the Republican Party is a front for and the American people should reject this group in the current elections!

    Another strong occurrence that raises suspicion in one that God is sending the American people a message with "Sandy" is the crane attached to the high rise tower in New York City that had it's boom completely bent by "Sandy". Those booms are built to sustain enormous loads for they transport heavy steel beams from the ground to the top of skyscrapers, it's pretty strange that what was it eighty mile per hour winds at maximum would bend the crane boom like it had the structural integrity of an aluminum can! Why God would do something like this very well could be that this crane was attached to a 1004 ft record setting high residential tower in midtown Manhattan that was under construction. God's thinking on this subject very well could be basic goodness that America doesn't need such super-high residential tower because if a terrorist act or other destructive act befalls such a tower you'll likely see the death toll in the hundreds from people killed in these towers and the surrounding areas. It gets worse one NY developer is well on his way to building a 1395 ft high residential tower in midtown Manhattan, the "CIM" development, why risk human lives this way? To conclude that God is sending a message here that the wealthy and big business in America need to stop with their greed and excessive endeavors and Americans should reject their champions the Repucblican party really isn't a big stretch for many ordinary Americans!

    The last strange weather occurrence that transpired this year that I will adress and I believe raises the suspicion that God's hand is behind it and he is doing so to send a message to the American people on this years elections has to do with the hurricane that hit the New Orleans region during the time period of the Republican convention this past August. Not only the coincidence of the "timing" and the "path" of this hurricane makes one wonder but also the extraordinarily slow movement of this hurricane, one weather guy during this hurricane hal-jokingly said during a broadcast that he could walk faster than this hurricane moves; the slow movement allowed for flood levels of water to accumulate topping certain levees in New Orleans that were not rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina and putting a lot of lives in danger causing the need for rescues! With respect to the Republican Party, this hurricane and the extreme flooding it caused in certain parts of New Orleans captured a lot of media coverage which would have otherwise gone to covering the Republican party convention, this resulted in Mitt Romney getting very little campaign boost from his party's convention an unusual occurrence in presidential elections! I bet if surveys were conducted many Americans would say that during that hurricane week, they saw more of the face of Billy Nungesser, the President of Plaquemines Parish of New Orleans on TV than the face of Mitt Romney! It is not a big leap with such a huge weather event for many Americans to conclude that God was sending a message with this hurricane during the Republican Convention that it is his will that the Republicans not get the reigns of power in Washington come this year's elections!

    As stated many Americans believe that with the events that have transpired this past year that God was displaying his will on what he wants with the outcome of the national elections this year. To us Americans, he does not have to send us any message on what will happen if we don't do his will here for the bible contains countless stories of what happen to a people when they don't do his will and suffice it to say that they don't receive the gift of joy!

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