How do I Monetize this?

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    I'm discovering my steam punk Civil War game is turning into an R&D and negotiation game. The Anglo-French Alliance of that era has managed to anger pretty much everyone else on the planet. So, the brother-in-law of the inventor of the ramp launched man-powered kite takes this invention south so he can sell safer aircraft than the original to the many enemies of France and Britain. As to the inventor, BIL George Anderson did not realize that the mechanics of an aerial turn required more altitude than he had when he managed to kill crew and customers in an ill-advised bank.

    So, James Arthur Nilsson helps his widowed sister Mary get her patents for a big hunk of Anderson Aircraft and sets up a R&D hub on the Gulf of Mexico.

    Players can be researchers in aircraft and weapons improvement

    Negotiators can be European or Latin American buyers plus Union, Confederate, French or British negotiators trying to end the Civil War. The address of my model is in my signature if you need some ideas, Thank you.

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