His great contribution to propagation of democracy in Russia...

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    There it goes! For a second year in a row a certain Russian human rights activist, Svetlana Gannushkina, has been listed among the candidates for Nobel Peace Prize. Moreover, in the judgment of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) this year Gannushkina and Memorial rights center, whose member of the board she is now, are topping the list of possible winners! Why?
    The matter is that S. Gannushkina, as actual head of the Civic Assistance committee, is extremely close to current leaders of non-systemic Russian opposition. For instance, she is long-standing fellow-campaigner of Mr. Kasyanov. And to all seeming Kasyanov’s overseas supporters have decided to increase the pre-election rating of his oppositional party in Russia through Gannushkina’s renomination for Nobel Peace Prize.
    Well, good plan! But it may have no effect on outcome of forthcoming parliamentarian elections in Russia because the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize’s awarding will take place a little later. Maybe, it would be better for US sponsors of such Russian so-called liberals as Kasyanov & Co to institute another prestigious international prize for Mr. Kasyanov and to award him for, let us say, "his great contribution to propagation of democracy in Russia"...

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