GOP "No" Vote Light(?) In Illinois(?)!

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    Harbinger, Portent, Prediction of the Republican turnout for national offices, nationwide, in November: Apparently is Illinois in March. What if the Republicans held a primary, and nobody showed up? So far, Romney would win(?)!

    Voter Turnout Extremely Low For Illinois Primary « CBS Chicago

    Allegedly, there was actually a contest in the Republican Party, for the title of "Head Of The November Ticket." The likely scenario in November starts to look like, "GOP-Shirtless," and Putin is not even running! No Coat-tails will apparently happen!

    Anyone can guess that even Sarah Palin won't turn out, instead hoping to catch a glimpse of Vlad from her porch(?).

    What was to come after the Reagan Revolution was, "The 1996 Default of the United States Federal Government." The Clintons got elected, instead. What is now to come after the Republican-caused downgrade, of the United States credit-worthiness(?) Anyone can guess a one-party national government willl happen, and maybe for a least twelve years. The Affordable Health Care Act will start to phase in, and likely with more noticeable benefits, never before available.

    In just the last two years, The Republicans, made themseleves look ridiculous at the national level, in the legislatures! Then they did that, over again, on the road!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so what comes of Tea Party faction, claiming to dress up like Native Americans, on-board ship(?) Apparently they choose the Captain's Tablem Sunday Best, for a costume(?)! Millions even see this, at the Gaming Houses(?): "No Time To Make It To The Polls!")

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