GOP Message(s): State of the Union

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    Fact check GOP responses to State of the Union
    There were multiple official and unofficial Republican responses to President Obama's State of the Union Address, but only a few instances of the president's critics stretching the facts:

    • Sen. Ted Cruz falsely claimed that "not a word was said about radical Islamic terrorism." In fact, Obama vowed to combat "violent extremism" and asked for congressional authority to use force against the Islamic State.

    • Cruz also said Obama "could not bring himself even to bring" up the president's executive action on immigration. But he did. Obama said he would veto legislation that attempt to undo it.

    • Sen. Rand Paul said "liberal elites" wanted to regulate "what light bulbs we can use." Actually, GOP President George W. Bush signed a bill that phased out traditional incandescent bulbs, in favor of more energy efficient ones.​

    very said. The GOP used to know how to use this opportunity. No mas

    Republican SOTU responses get lost in translation MSNBC

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