FS1's Sharpe: Racist U.S. flag is just a piece of cloth nobody fights for

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    FS1’s Sharpe: Racist U.S. Flag Is Just ‘A Piece of Cloth…Nobody Fights For’

    After engaging in character assassination against Green Bay Packers fans who chose not to protest during Thursday’s National Anthem, FS1’s Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe did the same with the American flag, declaring it to be merely a racist “piece of cloth” that “nobody fights for.”

    Weak minds will believe whatever they are fed, and look how many weak minds exist. They are all useful idiots who have fallen victim to Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayres/Obama/Clintons engineered plan to keep you all dumbed down like the morons you are. No matter what people try to inform you of you remain in the grasp of morons who can't stand you and think you are just as pathetically stupid as the rest of us do.

    Destroy this Nation and see how that all works out for you morons, wow what a country you losers will leave for your grandchildren.


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