Freakshows banned ...what about cable TV?

Discussion in 'Media' started by whitehall, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Nobody consulted the "freaks" when the government banned circus sideshows and freakshows decades ago. The poor people lost their livelyhood because do-gooders decided they were being exploited when they made a good living. Today we have entire cable networks devoted to exploiting "freaks". What's the difference between circus freaks making a buck years ago and the cable "learning" channels exploiting them for money today? Case in point the so-called ex-con who rescues pit-bull dogs and is (snicker snicker) a little person the circus used to call a midget? What about the never-ending parade of the obese and the deformed and the exotic strange and the tattoed babes who grace the cable screen? A more lucrative (and legal) cable freakshow is preferable to the circus freaks we used to see in real life? I won't even go into the "normal" people who are exploited by network TV for their bizarre behavior. How is that any different from the old sideshows?

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