WHAT! this is just a movie to bring about discussion.....

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    OK...This is about the mini series that ABC is planning to run here soon..It starts back in the Clinton yrs, and yes it says's he had a hand in 9/11 by not responding sooner with Bin Laden....But it by no means from what I've read of the reviews, absolve President Bush in this movie....But because it has any thing to say badly about Clinton.......As I said in one part of this post, it's OK for a film to run showing President Bush being assassinated(so it can bring out a general DISCUSSION about his policies....But......If it has anything to do with where Clinton might have did wrong.......AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOh the double standards here are so laughable....I'm still :rotflmao:

    Ok, this is a lot of comments from the Duunderground...But they are a part of the Democrat party....like it or not...

    Will Pitt is right. We need to pound ABC for their 9/11 movie..

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    They got "The Reagans" taken off the air and while there were certainly fallacies and exaggerations in that, none of them do quite the ridiculous amount of propaganda work and damage that this fantasy spin of 9/11 does right before the Mid-term elections.:p:

    Can someone post the email addresses/phone numbers for ABC?

    We can push just as hard as they can. This is just one step towards stopping the spin machine the Republicans are revving up before November.

    It is our duty to stop this thing dead in it's tracks. Let's organize and get this thing off the air.

    The last thing we need out there is a complete lie to brainwash the undecided voters. (well hell, at least he's not assassinated)?????????

    Will Pitt's article: (Addy for will Pitts article at du underground)
    Edit to add ABC's Contact Page Link: http://abc.go.com/site/contactus.html

    liberaldemocrat7 (221 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 08:58 PM
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    30. My letter to ABC.

    Unless you cancel the mini series "The Path to 9-11" which appears a propaganda piece for the Republiklan party just in time for the 2006 election, I will boycott the ABC Network, your advertisers for at least a year.

    If you don't believe me, I have not watched CNN,MSNBC for 9 months because these cable stations unfairly favor Republicans. MSNBC has fired liberals like Phil Donahue because he opposed the Iraq war.:eek:
    So can the movie or I can your network.
    Susanna (1000+ posts) Sat Sep-02-06 12:51 AM
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    58. My response as well. No ABC for me.
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    They lost me as a viewer if they show such a one-sided story, if it is as reported.

    Ninja (962 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 05:56 PM
    Response to Original message

    4. If we have advance knowledge of this travesty, and we doing nothing to
    thwart ABC, and prevent it from being aired......then we are as much a part of the problem as they are.
    JRob (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-01-06 06:00 PM
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    5. ABC is also ESPN (I believe) and if all will remember Monday Night
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    Football (formally on ABC, now on ESPN) hired RUSH LIMPDICK as a commentator who eventually stuck both feet in his mouth and was fired.

    Expect nothing less from BIG CORPORATE MEDIA! They love the GOP.


    PS I will not watch the Nick Cage movie either and frankly I ashamed that he did the film. The entire subject (although truly tragic) has been tainted by the politics it enabled.

    Time for change (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-01-06 06:07 PM
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    6. Here's what I wrote
    I'm afraid that I lost control of myself:

    You guys are Fascist scum.

    Putting on a movie special blaming Clinton for 9-11, when that stupid idiot Bush had been in office for 9 months and hadn't lifted a finger to do anything to prevent it. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, and I hope you all rot in hell.

    JRob (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-01-06 06:22 PM
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    9. ...sometimes you just gotta go with the gut. Love it, here's mine
    TO ABC

    "The Path to 9/11" Are you kidding me!? The mere fact that ABC is wading into this murky water (regardless of the objective) turn me off, or rather for me to turn ABC off indefinitely. The subject of 9/11 has been used politically to the point that I am physically sickened by any individual or entity that seeks to take advantage of what it may or may not invoke.

    Shame on you ABC!

    Time for change (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-01-06 08:08 PM
    Response to Reply #22

    25. Thanks -- I was somewhat more controlled this time:
    ABC’s plan to air a documentary blaming Clinton for the 9-11 attacks, a few weeks before an election, is disgraceful and should be condemnedah yes, but mikey moore running his hitumentary right before a persidential electon..is aok....): :rolleyes: banned – especially considering the fact that such a story represents the exact opposite of what really happened. You know as well as we all do that the Bush administration, to put it mildly, was grossly negligent in its handling of that catastrophe.

    This represents the hallmark of a Fascist dictatorship – the use of corporate power, in bed with government, to spread its propaganda and thwart the will of the people. If you allow this to transpire you will forever be vilified by all true patriots in this country. The shame and cowardice of such an action will live with you forever.

    amlaw (100 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 10:11 PM
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    36. Nah I was calmer
    Dear ABC:

    Why do you hate America.
    MessiahRp (1000+ posts) Sat Sep-02-06 12:14 AM
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    55. At the time MoveOn organized a counter protest
    We need them right about now. They have a much farther reach when it comes to getting activists involved.

    If anyone knows how to get them on this, I suggest doing it ASAP.

    ms liberty (973 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 07:00 PM
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    15. My ltte - it was hard to keep it down to 500 characters!
    Re: "The Path to 9/11": When Clinton was combating terrorism, your network cried "wag the dog" and "diversion!" When Bush was ignoring information that said "Bin Laden determined to strike in US" you busied yourselves with fluff: "look, he's cutting wood!" When Bush was lying us into an unnecessary war, you promoted your flag waving graphics and embedded reporters.
    Now you're going to try to rewrite history using right wing writers to blame Clinton for 9/11. This kind of bias is not journalism.
    Texas Explorer (518 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 07:41 PM
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    20. Done. I used all 500 characters!
    Edited on Fri Sep-01-06 07:45 PM by Texas Explorer
    And it went a little suhum like this:

    How is that I, a middle-aged, pot-bellied, beer-drinkin', washed-up construction worker sitting in my underwear can gather up enough facts about 9/11 to know that President Clinton did all he could to stop Bin Laden when a gigantic news organization like yours instead creates a TV show that, at it's very essence, blames him for the attack.

    You are guilty of purveying partisan propaganda, falsely misleading the American public. I am ashamed that you attach the word "American" to your moniker.
    Bitwit1234 (14 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 07:41 PM
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    21. ABC
    To show ABC we mean business what we should do is pick one of their sponsors. Bombard that sponsor. boycott that sponsor. If Slim Fast could pull Whoopi Goldberg because she made comments about bush had a PRIVATE party, then we can boycott this lying piece of film. Somebody get one of the websites to start if off. I don't watch ABC anyway they don't have anything worth watching and this only makes it more so...but lets boycott that sponsor people and tell them why.
    Catchawave (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-01-06 09:54 PM
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    34. Here's mine:
    Re: "Path to 9/11", I'm told, is sticking it to President Clinton? As I recall, the towers were still standing when he left office, however, it was President Bush who ignored the warnings of a PDB while he was on vacation? Now that would be the movie you want to broadcast.

    Also, how dare you use a GOP propaganda tool and exploit the tragedy for a few bucks and call it patriotism. For shame ABC, for shame.
    vangie (617 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 10:03 PM
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    35. Done
    Here's mine:

    How disgusting that ABC is running a fictional version of what happened on 9/11 for the neo-cons. Nothing like getting a conservative writer to blame it on Clinton when in all likelihood our this WH was complicit in carrying out the 9/11 travesty. I don't watch ABC anymore anyway-you lost this viewer long ago. But to use this fascist method of trying to brainwash Americans by airing lies before the mid-term elections is positively sickening. I will write your advertisers after this thing airs.
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    Cobalt Violet (1000+ posts) Fri Sep-01-06 10:33 PM
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    41. Here is mine.
    "My Pet Scapegoat" aka. Clinton

    Apparently you're in bed with the GOP. "The Path to 9/11"??? Why do you continue to exploit this tragedy this way. Are you going to mention in that trash tv show that Bush got information prior to the attack that Bin Laden was planing to hijack airliners? And that he did nothing? Will " My Pet Goat" be brought up in this disgusting piece of trash you will be showing? Or will it all be about"My Pet Scapegoat" aka. Clinton? YOU are fascist. I will not watch ABC.
    Sick_of_Rethuggery (617 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 10:48 PM
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    43. Here is my note to them...
    I have long known that the MSM (more properly called Corporate Propaganda
    Machine for GOP) was craven; but the "docu"-drama on 9/11 is completely
    brazen & irresponsible. If Clinton is responsible for what happened 8
    months after he left office, then why is Bush I ("41") not responsible
    for the first WTC bombing, which happened 20 days after he left? Or
    did you have a convenient "docu"-drama on it in 1996 & I somehow missed it?
    Also, what did Bush do on this in the 8 months after he took office?

    Domitienne (232 posts) Fri Sep-01-06 11:41 PM
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    53. Unbelievable
    Honest to God,I can't even begin to comprehend how the Democratic Party could let this happen at a time like this.

    Ok,I'm doing all I can.I'm sending emails to the links given here and I am about to forward those addresses to friends and family so they can do the same.

    60. I wonder whose paying for this...
    You know, these corporate guys don't like taking a crap without getting paid; so why would 4-5 networks devote so much time to a topic they've shown so little interest in. I wonder what sort of deal was struck to get them to do this. Are they vying for access to the "War in Iran"? Did they get a huge check from the GOP? Could the recent 36% poll rating about people questioning 9/11 have anything to do with these events? You can't honestly believe they're doing this because they care. So what does it take to buy or coerce that many hours of TV time?

    alpharaptor (3 posts) Sat Sep-02-06 03:37 AM
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    61. This is why we need fairness doctrine
    As offensive as this film sounds like it is, censorship is even more offensive. Rather than trying to get the film taken off the air, have them show Fahrenheit 911 and Loose Change. The lies and fabrications will not stand up to the truth. :smoke:

    This is it you guys.Strength in numbers,Make your voices heard.


    HEY NOW...........This is just a movie to bring about discussion............:thup:
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    What ever happened to the liberal mantra---"if you don't like whats on TV,turn it off? "

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