Former Muslims Expose Islam Brainwash

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    I've just looked over this website for Musilms that have rejected the cult of Islam. I found it quite interesting, though I have not thouroughly read enough to fully comment, any site that can help Muslims escape the brainwashing of the Islamic cult can't be all bad?

    Check it out.
    { Prologue }
    This site reveals the bitter truth about Islam. It proves that it is not a religion of God. If you disagree with me, prove me wrong and I promise to remove this site. I challenge the apologists of Islam to prove me wrong or stop misleading the world with half truths and misinformation. But if no one can disprove me, as many Muslims have tried and failed, then I invite you to learn about the dark side of the Quran and the Hadith by reading the articles written by numerous authors (mostly ex-Muslims) and transcripts of debates that I have had with Muslim apologists who have tried to explain away the absurdities of Islam. I invite you to read the facts that I have quoted from the Quran and the Hadith that lead me to my conclusions. Above all, I invite you to put yourself in the position of the victims of Islam to appreciate the evilness of this so called religion. I want you to ask yourself whether you would like to be treated by non-Muslims as Islam and Muslims have treated and continue to treat the non-Muslims wherever they are the majority. Finally, I invite you to reject Islam and join us, the apostates, to save the world from “Islamic doom."

    Let us save the world from its certain destruction. We don't have to face another world war. We can stop this madness now. We can love each other like members of one family and celebrate our diversity like flowers of one garden. We can build a better world for our children. We can sing the songs of joy together. We can make a difference. Let not a psychopath liar fool you. Do not become an instrument of hate. Muhammad lied. This site is the proof.

    The Website:

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