Forge of Kingdoms: Media/Republicanism

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    This is a media-era vignette inspired by Network.

    It's a pro-democracy tale with political overtones for TrumpUSA (our media-immersed society), which is why I didn't feel right posting it in the Writing section (but I hope you like it!).

    Cheers (signing off),


    Various celebrities were arrayed in the modern media landscape as 'bishops' of consumerism/entertainment and media. This was the New Kingdom, and it was based on a social praise of the public access to lifestyle-oriented dioramas on National Geographic, Turner Classic Movies, and HBO. In other words, people cared about the diplomacy of socialization characterizations (e.g., Planet Hollywood, Arts&Entertainment [A&E]).


    There were other species landing on Earth's moon and spying on this intriguing development in human civilization. One species was a reptile-like intelligent predatory creature, rather large, called the Xenomorph. The Xenomorphs were interested to see if consumerism, commerce, and media would promote as much competitiveness as it did socialization/networking and media enthusiasm. The Xenomorphs wanted to see if 'arcade-consciousness' promoted new forms of 'cerebral warfare.'


    A team of superhuman mutants who were very attractive in appearance also arrived on Earth but remained invisible. These beings were called the Super-Ones and wore fancy/strange costumes and boasted fancy/strange names like Flash, Batman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman. The Super-Ones simply wanted to see if the 'forge of kingdoms' involving media and republicanism-oriented values (i.e., democracy) would be promoted by media in human civilization in the 21st Century. The Super-Ones might have had to defend humanity from the wrath of the terrifying Xenomorphs.


    Then there was the shape-shifting orange-shirt wearing humanoids from Venus called the Footballers. These humanoids were male and female and loved football (or soccer). They always wore orange and could shape-shift into humanoid 'super-sentinels' resembling ironically the Super-Ones in appearance. The super-sentinels had strange names just like the Super-Ones, but basically the Footballers just wanted to promote sports-fanfare using humanity's appreciation of media and sports-marketing.


    When the Footballers shape-shifted into the 'super-sentinels' they seemed very negotiable and amicable and 'kid-friendly' but they maintained their love of games and imagination. The 'super-sentinels' were popularized in American comics as 'messengers' or 'friends of humanity.' They wanted the modern media phenomenon to be considered a 'paragon' of basic democratic joy. They also wanted the Olympics to be touted as an achievement towards human peace. Would the Footballers/super-sentinels be able to stand against the incendiary schemes of the war-promoting Xenomorphs?


    Finally, an underworld demon-deity named Medusa, a beautiful woman who actually had a head comprised of snakes and a poisonous gaze that could turn men into stone, also arrived on Earth to see if media labyrinths created demands for pornography and hence controversy surrounding censorship. Medusa was intrigued by the notion that humans watched TV with cable-boxes fitted with parental-control switches, enabling parents to screen what their kids were allowed to watch. Medusa wanted to be the Devil's Advocate of this entire 'media universe intrigue' gravitating around Earth and human civilization. She was a big fan of Tom Cruise's Hollywood (USA) films including Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report, and American Made.


    The Xenomorphs did not want to give up their plan to raise hell, even though the Super-Ones managed to control them and reveal to humanity that the Xenomorphs were simply ugly predators. The Xenomorphs decided to steal the shape-shifting potion from the Footballers and use it to transform themselves into futuristic hippies (with dreadlocks!) and arrived in an American city and tried to convince pedestrians that democracy and Hollywood were basically fascist and undesirable. This time, it was the general mass of pedestrians in America that deflated the Xenomorphs' power, rallying to defend the overall humble virtues of TrumpUSA.


    What would archaeologists in the future make of this incredible tribulation and adventure surrounding media networks and diplomacy gravitating towards Earth and human civilization? Would they find artworks revealing the magic and mysticism associated with media networks in America such as the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and Amnesty International? Would they catalog Planet Hollywood consciousness as conducive to general humanism-oriented daydreams? Would they consider such a 'crusade' a form of propaganda?




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