For those of us who love Old School Horror Hosts

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    I mean the kind us old schoolers grew up with.

    Seymour, Ghoulardi, Big Chuck and Hoolihan, SuperHost, Mazepa Pappa Zoide . . .

    There are a few places on the internet where you can actually live those good old days, and even chat with enthusiasts just like yourself (even if most of them are too young to remember their betters like Seymour :eusa_shhh:)

    Every Friday Night Until Halloween (although, they are now rumbling they are going to continue far past Halloween) you can watch a double feature of old drive-in like movies!

    100 Year of Monster Movies

    From 8:00 p.m. to midnight EST watch and chat along with movies like the Brain that Wouldn't die, Driller Killer (although I passed on that abomination), and Killer Shrews!

    It's like MST3K the Home Game was back! :beer::eusa_dance: I miss those days. :bowdown:

    Then at midnight swing over to Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia to watch movies like Search for Bigfoot, Monster from a Prehistoric Planet, and they get worse from there:hmpf:.

    klxx-tv - live streaming video powered by Livestream

    Cinema Insomnia, with your Horror Host, Mister Lobo! - HOME

    Chat with him on Saturday Nights at midnight.

    And the best News of All: ELVIRA IS BACK! Yes the woman I've hated for years for replacing Seymour is back. (I'm just kidding about hating her. I mean Seymour died. Someone had to replace him. :eusa_shhh:)

    But for anyone who's interested, she is back and here a website with info where you can catch her in your area:

    The Official Elvira Website

    Friday Night she opened with "Night of the Living Dead." And yes, she can even make that movie, funny!

    Finally for Hosts ALL THE TIME, 24/7 there is Alternate Realities:

    alternative realities

    I don't like all the hosts there, because I prefer the old days where they kept it reasonably clean with the tv version of the Hays Code, BUT they aren't all bad.

    Anyway, I thought I would pass this along, instead of selfishly keeping it to myself. I'm sure I'm not the only one that misses the days of Friday Night Chillers and Saturday Night drive-ins.

    Now, if they would only bring back Flippo the Clown and Fritz the Night Owl.

    That Master of the Macre, the epitome of evil, the most sinister man to crawl on the face of the Earth, SEEEEEEEEEEEEEYMOUR!!!!!!!!!

    (Yes, they did introduce the Queen Vampire from "Dusk to Dawn" with the same intro. That was their homage to Seymour) ;)
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