Ferret Theory XXXVI

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    Ferret Theory XXXVI

    ”Beer has a remarkable history,” explains August Busch IV

    I remember when Busch IV, was giving support speeches to protect the Anhueser-Busch company from being bought by InBev. Then Busch and family closed the deal and vanished from the media eye. Leaving the unions to frenzy on the employees, now as lay-offs are lurking in the coming future.

    After a flurry of patriotism that was whipped up in the capitalist media, this “American icon” was sold off and Budweiser’s mostly unionized workers are already facing cuts and layoffs.

    Since the buyout, Busch has not been spotted at industry events. No quotes in media reports, no pictures at meet-and-greets. From trade meetings to sales conferences with distributors, Busch has been a no-show. Humm!, August, must have a lot to hide? Is my guess?

    Editor of Beer Business Daily. Said, “I just haven’t heard of him being around.”

    The disappearance seems odd given how much InBev paid for Busch’s services. As part of the buyout, InBev made him a highly paid consultant for Carlos Brito, CEO of the combined company.

    I think, there was always some kind of secret agenda being cooked up with Anheuser-Busch? I mean really after just ‘eighteen months,’ as new CEO: Busch IV, lets the American Icon brewery, Anheuser-Busch fall into foreign hands? WOW! He probably didn’t have much choice looking at his dark back ground and failing economy….

    What’s interesting is, I believes, my Ideas sent to-- Tim Schoen, director of marketing at the time seemed to insure sales for the years! Busch career was taking off from Vice President of Marketing to CEO! Mr. Schoen and Busch used Eddie’s Ideas for years to add to the success of the company and it worked for them. Then when they cut Eddie out of the deal altogether, it takes eighteen months for Anheuser-Busch company to land in foreign hands? It makes you think! Where these executives really under their own judgment or using somebody else’s? That’s the real question?

    Eddie quotes: “You can steal an idea or dream but it wont keep you there if your not the real thing!”

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    PS: In fact, the origins of this “American icon” are not American at all, but actually German, and arguably even socialist. Posted in a national news source…..

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