Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ala.’s Voter ID Law

Discussion in 'Law and Justice System' started by longknife, Jan 12, 2018.

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    The way things should work in the USA, is that individual states decide whether this is the thing to do. That is why I oppose a federal voter ID law. But, we can only hope that more states - especially the blue ones - follow suit. They never will though.

    Several rights groups argued the law is unconstitutional because it burdens African American communities where DMV’s have rolled back some operations.

    However, the judge ruled that even though black and Latino registered voters are less likely to have a photo ID, there is no discrimination stopping them from getting one.

    From Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ala.’s Voter ID Law | One America News Network
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    I have a 55 year old that works for me. He is hopeless and sometimes just plain stupid. DUIs out the ass. When he got his check in Fort Myers from the boat, they would not cash it because he did not have two forms of ID. Did I forget to say he was white? And they can’t get a photo I’d because what?

    And I almost forgot this one. When reapplying for a drivers license from Florida that I had had for 45 years, I was told I needed four forms of ID. Four forms. Including a bill from my residence. I almost went to jail before I got my drivers license. And they are complaining about an iD they come to your town and give you. Please!
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    Alabama did a better job then Texas and some of the other states who's laws were tossed. If you're going to have voter photo ID - Alabama is going about it the right way.

    Judge Throws Out Challenge To Alabama Voter ID Law
    Merrill maintained the case should be thrown out, arguing the law provided for a wide range of acceptable IDs and procedures for voters to obtain a valid photo voter identification card, including waiving fees for nondriver IDs. Additionally, the state has a mobile ID unit that provides free voter ID cards for people who lack transportation to other state offices to obtain one.

    Coogler found that "even though Black and Latino registered voters are almost twice as likely as white voters to lack an acceptable photo ID, no one is prevented from voting." He says the state has made it easy to get an ID for voting purposes.

    "The issue is not who has or does not have a photo ID at present," Coogler wrote. "The issue is whether the Photo ID Law denies members of a minority group the opportunity to reasonably get one, assuming they want one."

    He found that "minorities do not have less opportunity to vote under Alabama Photo ID law because everyone has the same opportunity to obtain an ID."

    He cited the case of plaintiff Elizabeth Ware, a 60-year-old African-American voter from Mobile County. Her nondriver photo ID was stolen in 2014, but she was turned away when she tried to replace it. After her deposition, the Secretary of State's mobile unit went to her residence to issue her a photo ID.

    Alabama also allowed for a wide range of acceptable photo ID's:
    • Valid Driver's License
    • Valid Non-driver ID
    • Valid Alabama Photo Voter ID
    • Valid State Issued ID (Alabama or any other state)
    • Valid Federal Issued ID
    • Valid US Passport
    • Valid Employee ID from Federal Government, State of Alabama, County Government, Municipality, Board, Authority, or other entity of this state
    • Valid student or employee ID from a college or university in the State of Alabama (including postgraduate technical or professional schools)
    • Valid Military ID
    • Valid Tribal ID

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