Federal Authorities Raided Trump Fundraiser’s Office in Money Laundering Probe...no indictments

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    Just another abuse of Government office by DeathRAT Party partisans to illegally collect campaign information.

    Just another abuse that dwarfs the scale of the Watergate break in.

    Just another fundamental strike against the foundations of our Constitutional system.

    So if someone makes accusations against me does that mean the Stasi can raid my house simply based on an accusation?
    If that’s the case the Clinton home and “foundation” should have been raided MANY times!

    Sounds like BS to me!

    Federal authorities raided the office of Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy last summer, seeking records related to his dealings with foreign officials and Trump administration associates, according to a sealed search warrant obtained by ProPublica.

    Agents were authorized to use the megadonor’s hands and face to unlock any phones that required fingerprint or facial scans.

    The Washington Post reported in August that the Justice Department was investigating Broidy. The sealed warrant offers new details of federal authorities’ investigation of allegations that Broidy had attempted to cash in on his Trump White House connections in dealings with foreign officials. It also shows that the government took a more aggressive approach with the Trump ally than was previously known, entering his office and removing records — just as it did with Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

    Broidy served as a major Trump campaign fundraiser and was the national deputy finance chair of the Republican National Committee until he resigned in April 2018, when it was revealed he had agreed to secretly pay off a former Playboy model in exchange for her silence about their affair.

    The search warrant cites three potential crimes that authorities are investigating: conspiracy, money laundering and violations of the law barring covert lobbying on behalf of foreign officials. To obtain a search warrant, authorities have to convince a judge that there’s a probable cause they will find evidence of those specific crimes.

    (Excerpt) Read more at propublica.org ...

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