Farmer Stars: American Education [Post-Internet?]

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    How has the Internet/computers impacted our perspectives on lifestyle, politics/culture, and even superstition?


    {Farmer's Almanac Online!}


    "As TrumpUSA became the beacon for 21st Century commerce-gauged geopolitical relations, Americans took note of the value of computers and the Internet in tying the business world together and what the world for the production of foods and farming communities would mean in a hypothetical world ironically not controlled by computers(!). Computers (e.g., NASDAQ) were 'running the show' now, so how would a post-Internet farmers' world look like, and would the appeal of the Farmer's Almanac guidebook continue to stand in a computer-less world? Sociologists were evaluating the development of human civilization (and for arguably good reason)."


    "Man was first a fruit-and-veggie eater before domesticating and turning to agriculture/farming and hunting animals for food. Then came Industrialization and computers and Wall Street(!). Imagine then a farmer's world in the future that is without the luxury of computerization. Would we return to old-style campfire superstitions of a mythical winged scarecrow-like creature (e.g., the Creeper) who would bring newfound omens about the dangers of droughts and harvest threats in a world not as efficiently connected now that the Internet was suddenly gone? Would a farming-paranoia 'avatar' such as the Creeper replace the Headless Horseman for smalltown folk-tales about a world bereft of networking-oriented securities (e.g., Interpol)?"


    "Today, of course, politicians gather to talk about the impact of modern capitalism policies on farmers' unions and farming communities. They talk about the place/value of new organic farming and eco-farming methods utilizing renewable resources such as biomass fuels and special kinds of fertilization methods. These politicians are interested in 'streamlining' the problems of the past (e.g., anti-farming policies in D.C.) with visions of the future (e.g., computerized farming!). Mankind does not want to revert to the ways of primitive hunter-gatherers in the event of an apocalyptic World War which would rob civilization of amenities such as the Internet(!)."


    "Therefore, imagine in our farm-centric civilization that is bereft of the Internet that a small group of youngsters gather around campfires every harvest season to tell wild folk-stories about the ominous/eerie creature the Creeper, a predatory winged man-beast who terrorizes farmers and those working in the field without the luxuries of mobile phones(!). These campfire experiences would highlight mankind's special dependence on tools and technology to continue its special/unique appreciation of what farmers' consciousness does for social mobilization (and even local governance!)."


    "We turn on CNN and notice that U.S. President Donald Trump (a capitalism-baron and the first celebrity-president since Ronald Reagan) is at the Lincoln Memorial with First Lady Melania Trump and is photographed by reporters/journalists. We notice President Trump talking idealistically about how new age global computerized consumerism(!) will shape humanity's imagination in years to come and how it will affect the way we look upon our storied past. We wonder if the Internet has radically altered our perspective on propaganda itself."


    "Today's American students want to understand/appreciate the impact of technology on civilization. America boasts the finest colleges/universities in the world, and its prestigious Ivy League (a collection of 8 outstanding schools) offer students a rigorous training experience in the priorities of civilization --- religious, political, social/creative, and legal. Today's American students want to know why the Creeper would replace the Headless Horseman in the 'pantheon' of paranoia-folklore and how 9/11 affected globalization-idealism. They want to learn about the nuances of basic consciousness(!)."


    "American horror-writer Stephen King gave the world a vision of terrible foreboding with his Children of the Corn, a portrait of fanatical evangelism-copycat youngsters in a farm-centric area in the USA who take up terrible weapons to bring forth a youth-geared 'Armageddon' catering to a cryptic ravenous field-beast. King offered us an image of farming gone awry and children gone mad even amidst various fantastic considerations about domestication/agriculture. Today's youngsters play on iPads, tablets, iPhones, and Playstations/Xboxes. Could we see a potential 'Journeyman Rapture'?"


    TRUMP: Are you a fan of Stephen King?
    CARTER: I love Children of the Corn, Mr. President!
    TRUMP: This is the age of great production-negotiation.
    CARTER: Yes, people care about intellectual property too.
    TRUMP: Yes, we want tech to be coordinated with craftsmanship.
    CARTER: Consumers want reliable markets...
    TRUMP: We do not want to betray the 'Farmer's Aesthetic'
    CARTER: No, we want to honor trophies like the Farmer's Almanac!
    TRUMP: Access to resources means a greater obligation for educators.
    CARTER: We don't want capitalism to become a 'toy-factory,' do we, sir?
    TRUMP: No we don't, Carter!
    CARTER: Perhaps Amazon and Facebook will alter 'human vision.'
    TRUMP: Let's not forget about the place of organic living...
    CARTER: Perhaps the Creeper is the new Headless Horseman (or Boogeyman!).
    TRUMP: There's nothing wrong with folklore as long as it complements bazaars!



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