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    There is an experiment in economics that has been moved to the Flame Zone.

    Please consider visiting this topic http://www.usmessageboard.com/the-flame-zone/73980-peejays-us-rep-bank.html#post1159801

    Or this topic http://www.usmessageboard.com/the-flame-zone/73985-peejays-loan-offering-dummies.html

    The intent is to have a micro demonstration of how savings, investments and loans work. We are dealing in rep points. Rep points are the medium of trade here. Some have more some have less. If you would like to invest some rep or borrow some rep, please participate in this experiment.

    We have already faced regulation at the hands of the powerful but we have survived. We have emerged a bit tarnished, but we survived. All ready a great insight into regulation, early in the experiment. We already have rep investors also, very early in the game. We are offering returns on your investments.

    Visit the new rep savings and loan companies and lets see where this gets us, who wins and who loses. If the government takes further oppressive action, we'll go underground, like the mob and rake some real profits!

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