Does $1.1 trillion Package will help us to overcome of the recessions?

Discussion in 'Economy' started by fightreces, Apr 16, 2009.

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    As you all know the great people with great minds joined in London on G-20 summit. The British prime minister unveiled a surprise move on tax havens, saying that a list of countries that do not comply with anti-secrecy rules would be published and added one trillion dollars into the global economy.

    Do you think that this amount can solve the global recession?
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    JUST we Americans lost FAR MORE THAN THAT as the value of our retirement packages and real estate went down.

    That unrealized capital gains that we were all counting as our wealth far exceeds a louzy trillion bucks.

    And the citizens in rest of the Western world lost as much, in some cases -- even more! -- than we did.

    They are going about fixing this all wrong, folks.

    They're protecting the richest people on earth from losses, but allowing the citizens who actually produce the world's wealth to swing in the wind.

    And even worse than that, they are protecting the wealthiest people on earth and handing the workers in the world the BILL for making the bondholders and monied classes whole again.

    Evil fucking system we have, run by very intelligent evil selfish people.

    In that sense, I'm sympathetic with the Tea Party folks.

    They're complete WRONG about who is responsible, and they're tools of the very motherfuckers who are screwing us all, but at least they understand that they're getting screwed.

    Would that the loyalist Dems understood what's happening, right now.

    Would that the loyalist Republicans understood what was happening to bring us to this state of affairs too.

    Sadly both groups seem to want to blame their neighbors rather than the unseen MASTER CLASS who fucked things up so badly to begin with.

    Sadly, people are ignorant and the they are ignorant because nearly everything they hear is either a half truth or an outright lie.
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    Accurate to an extent, but I really don't believe it is Obama's goal to enrich the rich at the expense of the poor. It would not be in character for a guy who could have worked at any Wall Street law firm of his choosing but turned down that life of wealth.

    I believe that he believes what a lot of very smart, very knowledgeable people have said in very clear terms about the very real danger of the economy tanking into a major depression, and he is doing what he is doing solely to avoid that and not enrich the rich, even if to some degree there is that effect.

    So I don't judge the Obama administration as harshly as you for this. He inherited an eocnomic crisis and is trying to avoid catastrophe. I don't blame him for that at all.

    I think you will see a reverse of that trend once the economy is back on its feet.
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    Nov 29, 2008
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    Editec covered it pretty well there.

    The so called "new world order" is actually referred to as "globalization" by the power brokers.

    It was set into motion years ago. The US just got hit with the residual effects these guys had not totally counted on. In turn that hit the entire global econ-o-my.

    As much as the Dems want to fight it the truth is Clinton signed the bills that sealed the fate of this country. Yet it was not Clinton who started the projected econ-o-my project for the world. Truthfully it was not anyone person here in the US that made that initial call to "globalize".

    I'm sure it sounded like a good plan when the guys all got together and decided to go global back in the 70's and 80's. They weren't counting on the wolves that would precede them in their quest to "civilize" the entire world into one big global market using the stock market and the banks. The good guys were pushing for "privatazation" and the bad guys were raking it in gaining control piece by piece as they sucked up the money train.

    The wolves are not using their own money to create this illusion of wealth that they created for themselves. They use the working man's dollar times ten. When times ten wasn't enough the paper trail was merely increased and flowed like gravy over mash potatoes. Thus leaving a mess that will take years to unravel and clean up.

    Americans had the money so many figured why not let them pay for a big share of the new globalization projects.

    Obama is just one card in the deck that was already stacked before he came into the picture. The same goes for Bush. He was just one speck in the mix of the mess that has been created by the greed of many.

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