Dr. Bills too damn high

Discussion in 'Economy' started by LilOlLady, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Like the rent, “doctor bills are too damn high.”
    I go to the county medical and dental clinic that take Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs and charge those who do not have medical coverage (illegal aliens) $40 and 70% of dental bill. A routine 10 minute office visit Medicare and Medicaid $125. Illegal aliens pay $40 for a doctor’s visit. Who pays the rest? And the clinic got millions in stimulus to expand and offer more service and at any given time there are at least 25 Hispanics waiting in the waiting room. They also pay 70% of a dental bill. Who pays the rest? How much are illegal aliens costing counties (tax payers) in medical and dental care across this country? This is the cost of care in a county clinic. In private doctor’s office the charge for a ten minute office visit can cost up to $350 charged to Medicare and HMOs. The doctor I see in the county clinic is Pilipino and specializes in Geriatrics.
    Doctors, hospitals, medical supplies and rehabilitation is robbing Medicare, Medicaid and HMOs. You can buy a power chair over the internet for a fraction of what they would charge Medicare. In home rehabilitation cost less than in facility rehabilitation.
    Is this one of the entitlement programs that will be cut for illegal aliens to balance the budget? Most of the doctors, nurses, clerks and doctor’s assistance are foreigners. How much is the county paying them?

    That is the answer to Obamacare, import foreign doctors and nurses under H.R. 398 bill to cover the lack of doctors and nurses. H.R. 398 will allow 20,000 nurses to come here and work.

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