Did Jet Scare Have Hollyweird Connection?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Theories' started by Philobeado, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Forget rogue dictators developing weapons of mass destruction. We've got an Axis of Evil much closer to home. It runs between Tinseltown and the District of Criminals. New Yorkers may have seen it in action Monday, when the Obama Administration terrified thousands by deciding it needed to film Air Force One flying low over Ground Zero, escorted by fighter jets. Commenter Mustang0302 at Just One Minute offers some observations and a theory:

    At least one of the escorting F-16s was from the Alabama ANG, Red Tail and all.
    Could this photo op mission have any particular connection to a new movie due out this year?
    Could that connection explain the WHMO's eagerness to get some current glamour shots of BHO's A/C, escorted by the descendants of the Tuskegee Airmen, while flathatting over "the target formerly known as Ground Zero"?
    Just imagine the powerful, beautiful imagery of these aircraft during this mission, accompanied by a stirring soundtrack, playing over the closing credits, or released as publicity stills or fundraising fodder — "Yes, America, sleep well…BHO's got you covered."
    Well, minus the terrified, fleeing citizens on the ground, of course.
    The reference is to "Red Tails," an upcoming movie about black fighter pilots by moonbatty George Lucas, who would most likely be more than happy to lend cheesy propaganda support to the irresponsible regime that is dismantling our country.

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