Determing the true cost of healthcare for us (the U.S.)

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    All the talk of "cost to businesses" has me thinking.

    For me my medical costs are basically Insurance+CoPays+things not covered+time lost from work

    For a company like Phillip Morris the cost is Employee Insurance+Revenue Lost from folks being too poor or dead to buy their product+cost of employee sick days.

    On the one hand you can subtract the cost of Employee Insurance entirely from Phillip Morris and for a quarter they'll have WAY lower costs and higher profits.

    Now realize their employees will incur higher Insurance costs on the private market and have less money for Phillip Morris products.

    Also their employees with inferior health care will put off being treated longer thus leading to more sick days and loss of profit for Phillip Morris.

    Employees putting off treatment means more death and fewer customers for Phillip Morris.


    I agree letting folks die as soon as they're unable to buy health insurance is the capitalist way. However like the majority of Americans I'm a borderline socialist in this. I demand folks left on the doorsteps of hospitals get treated. If for no other reason than keeping sick and dying folks off the street corners around me and at work contributing to the GDP raises my standard of living.

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