Dep't of Education Pick: SERVE AMERICA or Teacher Tenure, Student Failure?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mcmick, Dec 7, 2008.

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    Barack Obama could take a big step for America by picking a no nonsense reformer for education.

    Minority parents, especially black parents, answer the question, time after time, by seeking vouchers, charter schools or education based on competition or something at variance with the PUBLIC-SCHOOL-MONOPOLY.

    The PUBLIC-SCHOOL-MONOPOLY relentlessly calls for more money, including, for themselves, smaller class size, which they've repeatedly received but with miserable results in student achievement.

    Much spin goes into denying the gains through vouchers and other innovations but as noted above, minority parents "storm the gates" to take advantage of vouchers for their kids.

    Hopefully Barack will not pick some glib spokesman for the same status quo failures, of the last 30 plus years, forced on us by TEACHERS' UNIONS.

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