Trump "Cut, Cut, Cut"

Discussion in 'Donald Trump' started by Astrostar, Dec 1, 2017.

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    With Don the Con's "tax reform" plan heavily weighted to benefit the wealthy, at the expense of the poor and middle class, the Republican congress is hell bent and determined to vote the plan in and give the Com Man his first "win".

    No matter that the deficit will explode. No matter that the non-wealthy take it between the ears. No matter that the tremendously popular Obamacare, though only used by Democrats, will die, as will many people.

    And, there is one simple solution to funding the tax cuts for the wealthy without screwing the poor and middle class:

    Tax churches as businesses are taxed and eliminate income tax deductions for charitable contributions to churches and not needed charities that actually do some good.. But, this is just too simple for Republicans, too easy for them to grasp. And, there is no one, not Republicans, not evangelicals, not Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson, not the Con Man's deplorables who can give any legitimate reason that churches should not be taxed. Not one reason that makes any kind of sense! Bigly!

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